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Road Show “In a place in your life”
Theatre / Dance
Road Show “In a place in your life”
30/06/2016 Hellín
Espectáculo de calle
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The theatre company Narea has been active for over 20 years, during which they have introduced innovative concepts in each of their shows. The educational and pedagogical character of their plays is present in the various educational activities that the members of the company develop both in their facilities and in their different shows, teaching what they know about theatre to children and adults.


One of the aims of this Project is to show the public a modern, lively and ground-breaking image of Castilla-La Mancha while still maintaining its values and traditions. Among the playful, transcendent and practicality, the combination is the main feature of a different way to approach the public called Road Show. “In a place in your life” is a show in complete interaction with the public. A six-metre tall metal structure divided into three levels with a ten-metre diametre is the home of the different stages where the adventures of Don Quixote are represented: the meetings with Dulcinea, the battle against the windmills, the journey on the back of Clavileño, the fight against the Knight of the White Moon and other spectacular scenes.